your research paper must resemble, in noticeable ways, these scholars’ methods of inquiry. Vernallis’ and Lipsitz’s methods will be a central focus in our discussions; in the paper, modeling these writers will be the key to success.

In her recent article, “Beyonce’s Overwhelming Opus; or, the Past and Future of Music Video,” Carol Vernallis claims that music video has played a central role in creating a culture of what she calls “intensified audiovisual.” Moreover, she argues the following: “If schools, museums, and libraries paid more attention to ‘minor arts’ like pop music and music video, we might interpret our contemporary mediascape differently, and we might be more attuned to the ways audiovisual ideas flow through today’s media swirl.”

George Lipsitz also argues that popular music ought to be taken seriously. In Footsteps in the Dark: The Hidden Histories of Popular Music, Lipsitz argues that popular songs can reflect and shape “important historical realities, even though their creators for the most part never intended them to be heard in that way.”

For this paper, you will choose the music of one musician (or band) as your object of study. It might be one song or several songs. It might be a single album. It might be a music video. No matter the number of songs, the genre of music, or media form, your goal is this: to employ the ideas and methods of the above-mentioned authors in order to make a case for the importance of the music you choose.

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The music you choose to study may or may not relate to the specific genres or topics taken up by Vernallis and Lipsitz. Nevertheless, your paper should attempt to draw parallels, make comparisons, and establish continuities between these scholars’ projects and your own.

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