You Will Appraise How Cost Effectiveness And National Quality Benchmarks profile



You will appraise how cost effectiveness and national quality benchmarks influence clinical decision-making. Incorporate evidence-based management practices, leadership, and quality competencies into your reflection. Your work will reflect advanced clinical decision-making, leadership skills, and systems thinking in the design of evidence-based management practices. Describe these concepts in relation to your DNP project and your supervised DNP practice site.

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In this document you must:

  1. Appraise how contemporary social determinants, indicators, and benchmarks have influenced your clinical decision-making within your DNP project and your supervised DNP practice experience.
  2. Include a description of all competences you integrated into the clinical decision- making within your DNP project and your supervised DNP project experience.
  3. State your conclusions based on your appraisal.
  4. Provide examples to support your ideas.

For this paper you will create a document that:

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