Written Exercise 4

For this module, you will be required to complete a written exercise. The paper must be in APA format and include a title page, abstract, discussion, conclusion, and references. Your paper should go beyond the obvious, be written at a graduate level, and must be at least 1,700 words in length. You must use at least three resources to support your position. Remember, all resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazines, and/or books must be properly cited using APA style.


Jackson is a 37-year-old divorced male who has served the past six years in federal prison on a charge of
Lewd and Lascivious Behavior and Sexual Battery. Specifically, he was convicted of statutory rape of a
fourteen-year-old girl. Jackson was a social science teacher and lacrosse coach at a public high school.
He was accused of inappropriate sexual activity with two students. This accusation occurred after a friend
of one of the female students posted provocative comments about the student and her “favorite” teacher
on a social media website. The student’s parents monitor the site and confronted their daughter about the
accusations. The daughter initially denied any contact with the teacher though eventually admitted having
sexual contact with the teacher but added that it was consensual and stated that they were “in love.”
The parents contacted the authorities who initiated an investigation. Another student was implicated and
eventually reported that she felt “forced” into having sexual relations with the teacher. Jackson was
arrested and charged with multiple counts, including sexual battery, lewd and lascivious behavior, and
inappropriate sexual contact with a minor, kidnapping, tampering with a witness, and providing false
information to a law enforcement officer. Jackson was facing the possibility of a life sentence.
Upon his lawyer’s recommendation, he accepted a plea deal of six years in prison to be followed by sex
offender probation for a minimum of 20 years. It should be noted that Jackson has no prior arrests and
argued that the sexual contact, though wrong, was consensual. At the end of his six-year term, the
attorney general has requested an evaluation of Jackson, suggesting that he be identified as a sexual
predator and held after the completion of his sentence because he poses a risk to society.
State law allows for a mental health professional to evaluate an individual and determine if that person
poses a threat to society. This law has been used primarily for civil commitment of sex offenders after
they serve their prison sentence. The psychological evaluation for risk assessment makes a prediction on
how likely the individual is to re-offend. Based on the mental health professional’s evaluation, the offender
can be civilly committed for one year, at which time a second evaluation will be conducted to determine
the risk to society.
Written Exercise Questions:
1. Based on limited information of the case, should Jackson be civilly committed?
2. Also, should individuals be held for crimes that they are predicted to commit in the future?
3. If so, should this precedence be expanded beyond sex crimes…why or why not?
4. Discuss both circumstances of the case as well as case law (Hendricks v. Kansas) to support
your response.
5. Be sure to address all the issues involved in this case study.
Submit your paper to the Assignment box and attach your paper in a post to the Written Exercise 4
discussion Board no later than Saturday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment box is linked to
To complete this assignment, you will respond logically to at least three of your classmates’ papers. Each
of your responses is to be at least 100 words in length and can be based solely on your opinion. Refer to
the syllabus for additional guidance. You must post your responses no later than Sunday 11:59 PM

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