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Chapter 2 deals with a little of the history of nursing and the contemporary image of the profession. The following discussion topics relate to this chapter. In all Peer Reply responses, make a statement regarding the effect of the original posting student’s discussion on the US Health Care system.

1.In the popular media, nurses are portrayed in a wide variety of roles and levels of sophistication. Search your memory, your television dial and your video collection to recall some characters that might contribute to the public impression of nursing.

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A.Name and discuss two characters from the popular media that portray a negative impression of nursing.

2.First impressions tend to be lasting impressions. What is your opinion about the impression nurses make by the way they dress? Do you believe that a cartoon-festooned scrub top with hot pink Crocs and neon green scrub pants provides a professional appearance? Do you believe that all nurses should resemble Nurse Ratchet in the traditional white uniform? Is there middle ground to this age old argument?

Requirements: 2 paragraph per question–

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