Why should a company use IT Service Management principles

It needs to be a business style report
use of Methodologies; types of ITSM methodologies e.g. ITIL,COBIT….
please Read the additional instructions and requirement in the uploaded
additional files.
Please note: most sources/references should be academic book/journals or articles


  • What do I need to hand-in/complete? – A Business style report


Complete the question below, 3,000 Words maximum:-

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  1. Why should a company use IT Service Management principles? analyse the benefits and advantages of using this approach


  • Use a business style report structure
  • Define IT service Management
  • Explain why a company should use IT service management principles.
  • Provide some critique and analysis
  • Use real life/business examples to back up the argument
  • Use IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT methodologies such as ITIL, COBIT etc.
  • Conclusion.


Do not write your entire report in a descriptive style. This approach will not achieve a high mark.

To achieve a high mark it will be necessary to provide some critique and analyse in your report and also make conclusions.


In summary, a coherent, logical argument, supported by bibliographical references is required.




Assessment Criteria


Description Max Possible Marks
Essay Questions – each will be marked out of 100


Demonstration of an understanding of the course material and evidence of further reading


Demonstration of the appropriate usage of tools and techniques taught on the course (e.g. SWOT, PEST, ITIL)


Relevance of the answer to question and the ability to effectively use the tools and techniques taught on the course to support your answer


Argument / Discussion


Total 100%



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