Week 5 Part(5)

Jump Starting the Economic

After the Great Depression, under leadership of President F. Roosevelt, a program called the “New Deal” came upon the scene. This deal was geared toward boosting America’s economic. This program created industries for all working class citizens. The financial institutions began to flourish. One of the main reasons the “New Deals” was originated was to put a decline on the unemployment system. Roosevelt put a group of people together he called the “Brain Trust”. This group of people was put in play to fix America’s issues that was caused by the Great Depression, but somehow this organization did more harm than they did good. The Federal Government ended up becoming more powerful under this system than they were in the beginning. The “New Deal” place a major shift within the governmental system. It gave the President more lead way than he had before and Congress was not in favor of this. The “New Deal had its good points and bad points, but for the most part it did generate growth within the America economic. ( explain in own words 100 words)

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