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Knowledge Representation on the Semantic Web

In this assignment you have to write a survey paper about an aspect of a Semantic Web technology ( Knowledge Representation on the Semantic Web). A survey paper is a paper that summarises and organises recent research results in a domain of interest in a novel way, in our case the domain of interest is the Semantic Web and the underlying technologies.


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The survey paper should be 12 pages and provide the reader with a survey of existing Semantic Web research. The paper should be well organised and comprehensive, and obey the following structure:


  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Main part of the paper consisting of a number of sections
  • Conclusion
  • References

Try to find a catchy title for your survey (but that’s usually not the first thing that you should do, see the Getting Started section below on how to get this survey off the ground). In the introduction you should describe the importance and significance of the research topic that you selected and introduce the survey technique and/or the classification scheme that you used for your survey. The main part of the paper should consist of a number of sections and present the survey technique and/or the classification scheme in more detail, identify the trends in the surveyed domain, present successful research results and tools, and identify open research questions. In the conclusion, you summarise the results of your survey, and in the reference section, you list all papers that you cited in your survey.

I want the main ideas of this survey paper about these:

  1. What is the Semantic Web?
  2. What is a Knowledge Representation Language?
  3. Knowledge Representation Languages for the Semantic Web

3.1 RDF and RDF Schema


3.3 Web Ontology Language (OWL and Profiles)

3.4 Rule Interchange Format (RIF and Dialects)

3.5 Reasoning and Reasoning Tools




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