we have too much freedom

Solzhenitsyn is saying that the freedom we are given is “too much”, putting a burden on people who are unable to handle it.  Using this as the thesis/claim (we have too much freedom), show how this is true in our society in a three to four page essay.
To complete this essay, you will need to cite articles from only Montgomery College website ProQuest Newspapers and use only New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, Los Angelis Time and Christian Monitor to support your claim.  The use of any other source will result in a failing grade.
You may develop this by showing how the many freedoms we have are being abused and the restrictions that needs to be placed on these “freedoms”. This means you may focus on how any of the following freedom is abused and the restrictions enacted to restrict it: alcohol; drugs, driving; video games; movies; sex; phones; social media, guns, or any other of our “rights” that is being curtailed because it is being abused by some of us. Please confirm with me what you will be researching before starting your research/paper.  In-text citation and a works cited page using the MLA rules must be included.  Be sure to state the claim as we discussed it in class, or your essay will receive an “F”.


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