Unit 4: Project

 Unit 4: Project

Un viaje fenomenal
Haces un viaje fenomenal.

Escribe un diario para describir dónde estás, cómo es tu rutina y qué estás haciendo en el viaje. (You are on a great trip. Write a diary that describes where you are, what your daily routine is, and what you are doing on your trip. This has to be written in Spanish) Minimum of 10 different dates entries.
Modelo: sábado, 12 de junio 10:00. Estoy en Guanacaste. Acabo de levantarme y estoy comiendo el desayuno y bebiendo jugo al lado de la playa. Voy a…

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Writing Criteria

Needs Work
Content       Excellent                                 Good                            Needs Work
                  Your diary includes              Your diary includes        Your diary includes
                   a lot of information.            a lot of information.         a lot of information.
Most of your diary is           Most of your diary is             Most of your diary is organized and easy to follow. organized and easy to follow. organized and easy to follow.
 Your diary has few mistakes    Your diary has few mistakes Your diary has few mistakes
 in grammar and vocabulary  in grammar vocabulary             in grammar vocabulary

Good Luck! Buena Suerte!

Please submit as a word or pdf document, remember to include your name, date, assignment title, instructions and answers.

All projects require a minimum of 3 photos.

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