U.S. Adult Obesity

The purpose of this assignment is for you to elucidate two separate health policy options related to the health issue of U.S. adult obesity. You will submit a 3-page paper (double-spaced) responding to these questions:


  1. Please briefly describe the history of adult obesity in the United States. (1 page or less)
  2. What two health policy options—related to U.S. adult obesity—have you identified? Please briefly describe the social, political and/or economic perspectives of each health policy option. (1 page)
  3. Do each of your two health policy options principally fall into the domain of health care, public health, or bioethics? Briefly explain why. (one half page)
  4. For one policy option, please identify at least two stakeholders and briefly describe the stakeholders’ unique interests in U.S. adult obesity. (one half page)


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Content Sub-content Page Limits
History of adult obesity – History of adult obesity in U.S.

–  Adult obesity trends in the U.S.

Two policy options that address adult obesity For each describe:

– Population

– social perspective(s)

-political perspective(s)

-economic perspectives  (s)

1 page
Principal Domain Identify the domain each policies falls into:

-Health care

-Public Health


½ page
Stakeholders For ONE policy option:

– identify 2 stakeholders and briefly describe their unique interests in U.S. adult obesity

½ page


Assignment is due at the beginning of class.  In addition to a hard copy, papers must be submitted to the dropbox in Canvas to be checked for plagiarism.


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