Two Sides of a Belief

• explore two different sides of the same belief of Marriage Equality
Same­Sex Couple Adoption
• Apply critical thinking skills to the analysis of daily life, work, and academic issues
• Use independent thought and informed beliefs
• In a journal, describe in detail a belief about which you feel very strongly Marriage Equality
• Same­Sex Couple Adoption. Then explain the reasons or experiences that led you to this belief.
Next, describe a point of view that differs from your belief. Identify some of the reasons someone would have that point of view.
• Follow the writing rubric for journals.
• Must be in APA Styling
o Times New Roman
o 12 point font
o double­spaced
• Cover Page
• Reference Page
o Minimum of one unique source per paper
o You will need at least two periodicals, one of which should be a scholarly journal.
o One source should be a current event article from the last three years.
• In­text citations
• Running Head
• Page Numbers
• 500 ­ 750 words
• Include Word Count Total

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