Need a translation of commonly used sentences that teachers would used speaking to Spanish speaking parents.

ie, Do you understand English?
Is your child home?
Can you speak English?
Who are you here to pick up?
How can we help you?
Can you send someone to pick up your child from school?
Do you know your child does not do homework?
Are you aware your child is failing?
Can you come to meet with teacher?
How are you?
What is the name of your student?
What grade is your child?
Do they have their shots records?
Do they read English?
What language they speak with their friends?
What behavior issues at home?
Do you have English books at home?
Do the child get help at home with homework?

Need to create a bank of of questions like those above. Then create the translation to those questions in a Spanish log. Both English and Spanish should be side by side. If there is suggested answers in Spanish please note it with the question. You can use what’s above and find a bank of questions online and add more.

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Above it’s about 20 questions but would need 50 total.

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