Topic Component

Review the topics below during Module 1. You may select a topic from the list of possible topics
or you may also select a topic that’s not on the list, provided that you have your instructor
approve the topic before you begin.
List of possible topics
  The role of the forensic psychologist in child custody evaluations
  Ethical pitfalls for psychologists working as an expert witness
  The duties of a correctional psychologist
  Conducting a criminal responsibility evaluation
  Conducting a competency to stand trial evaluation
  Evaluations for psychological damages in civil cases
  The evaluation of child abuse charges
  The role of the forensic psychologist in sentencing hearings
  The reliability and validity of risk assessment
  The juvenile justice system, or other topics as approved by the course instructor
Once you select a topic from the above or one approved by your instructor for your course
project, include the following in your opening section of the paper:
  What drew you to select this particular topic?
  Any personal or professional experiences that influenced your choice?
  Any biases you feel you may bring to the research topic as you begin? How can you
address these biases?
Present this information in two to three paragraphs in a Word document and submit the Course
Project Part 1-Topic Component no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 2. (This
Assignment box is linked to Turnitin.)

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