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Full instructions are attached to assignment: o What is a random variable? o How would you differentiate a discrete from a continuous random variable? o What are the 4 characteristics of a binomial experiment? o Can we use a binomial distribution to model this process? o What is the probability that the entire batch unnecessarily has to be tested if in fact 95% of its laptops conform to specifications? (Hint: Use Excel’s =BINOMDIST() function to find the probability) o What is the probability that the batch is incorrectly accepted if only 75% of its laptops actually conform to specifications? Part 2 • State appropriate null (Ho) and alternative (H1) hypotheses. • What is the critical value if we work with a significant level α = 0.05. • What is the decision rule? • Calculate the test statistic. • Are the bags indeed being under-filled? • Should be machinery be recalibrated?
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