The Role of Fire Service Administration

You are directed to attend a meeting at the mayor’s office to discuss the development and implementation of a program to reduce the incidence of fire and burn injuries involving Alzheimer’s patients in local nursing and care facilities. The mayor wants the department to develop a series of classes to be delivered to the Alzheimer’s patients within the care facilities. The mayor is especially interested because the mayor’s mother suffers from the condition.

For the meeting, you are to prepare a 300-500 word expository paper describing how the fire prevention bureau decides what fire prevention program is best for the community.

Include the following in your paper:

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  • Describe three or more functions of the role of fire administrations and how they work with municipal governments to develop fire prevention programs to implement within the community.
  • Using the Five-Step process of identification, selection, design, implementation, and evaluation, determine if the Mayor’s suggested program is viable and how you would go about implementing it in the community.
  • Include a summary of your findings for each of the five steps in the process.
  • What are your recommendations to best serve this target group while also serving the mayor? Provide at least two recommendations for the target group.

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