The Future of Health Care

The topic for the Term Paper is “The Future of Health Care.”
Students will write a 10-15 page paper according to the rubric below.
Items to be considered:
– Key stakeholders that could shape the health care system in the U.S.
– What is going to happen to the ACA?
– How would political ideologies affect the future?
– Would we be better with a single-payer system? Why or Why not?
– What will the rest of the world’s health care be in the future?
– Emergence of new threats, epidemics, and technology
Component Requirement
Cover Page APA Cover Page (Title, Name, Date, Class, Instructor).
Quality of Content
(Weighted value: 60%)
The paper is 10-15 pages in length, not including cover and reference
pages. The paper will contain concise examinations of a specific topic
relative to the course content. Papers should demonstrate a synthesis
and integration of health care organization concepts correctly and in
an innovative way.
Saint Leo Core Value
(Weighted value: 10%)
At least 250 words of the total length of the paper is devoted to the
application of the Saint Leo core values of community and integrity.
Technical Writing
(Weighted value: 20%)
Proper writing mechanics, paraphrasing, use of quotations, proper
grammar, spelling, and transitions between subsections are required.
Writing should be original, well-paraphrased, and properly cited.
APA Paper Formatting
(Weighted value: 5%)
APA formatting is doubled-spaced, 1-inch margins, using proper
headings and subheadings, with proper source citations on all
statistics, numbers, concepts, or graphics borrowed from another
Reference Quality
(Weighted value: 5%)
A minimum of five primary or quality secondary sources that are
dated, by reliable authors, or organizations are required. Proper
references must include the author/organization, year published, title,
and publication source as appropriate in APA. The reader should be
able to easily find that primary source references used

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