The decline of academic standards in higher education in regards to enrollment and retention due to college competition for the educational dollar

This assignment is designed to be a summation based on the literature review that you have conducted thus far. This assignment is your research prospectus that is the culmination of coursework to this point. Please see “Research topic and question” and “Dissertation Weekly Notes” attachments so as to have a better understanding of the dissertation topic, problem statement and research questions.

You are required to present your 4-page prospectus ideas in a presentation format for peer review. You are not expected to be done with your prospectus at this point. Rather, you are asked to share your preliminary ideas and get feedback as you are continuing to craft your prospectus. This activity serves as a very short. mock proposal defense , similar to your dissertation proposal defense.To present your ideas, be sure to elaborate on key points listed in the following:

Presentations should be well organized with the following information:

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  1. Title Page
  2. Problem statement and research questions (hypothesis if applicable)
  3.  Theoretical framework
  4. Key literature
  5. Setting and sample/ participants
  6. Design plan
  7. Data collection tools/ instruments (Please keep it brief)

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