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Page 1of 5INFO6002: Database Management 2Trimester 2, 2021–Callaghan & OnlineAssignment 2–Database Design & ImplementationBlackboard Submission Due: 10pm, Friday 2ndJuly 2021Demonstration Sessions:Callaghanstudents(Lab Session): 4-6pm, Wednesday 7thJuly 2021Online students (via Zoom): 5 -6pm, Tuesday 6thJuly 2021WORTH 25% of final course mark. This is an INDIVIDUAL Assignment. Assignment Requirements This assignment contains 5 parts. You will submit your work to Blackboard as well as demonstrate your working scripts. For Callaghan enrolled students, you will demonstrate during the Week 9 lab session.For Online enrolled students, you will demonstrate on Zoom (5 -6pm, Tuesday 6th July 2021).Part 1: Revised DataRequirements, EER Model & Data Dictionary (2 marks)In this section, you will revise your work from Assignment 1 based on any feedback given by your lecturer. You will re-submit your: A.Data Requirements B.EER Model C.Data Dictionary Part 2: Relational Mapping & Normalisation (3 marks)Next, the EER Model needs to be mapped to a relational schema and normalised. The relational model needs to be documented in DBDL format. Sample DBDL format is given in the below: ISBN(id, number, itemNo) Primary Keyid Alternate Keynumber Foreign KeyitemNo referencesBook(itemNo) ON UPDATE CASCADE, ON DELETE CASCADEDBDLformat is provided in your text. (Databases Systems –A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management –6thEdition by Connolly and Begg 2015). Secondly, identify any relations that are not normalised and show the steps to transform them into a normalised relation. Page 2of 5Part 3: Implementation –Database Script (5 marks)Create a T-SQL script for the database design in Part 2. You will create a database with all the necessary tables and constraints: primary key, foreign key, not null, unique and check constraints. The database must be populated with sufficient and meaningful records for evaluation. Part 4: Stored Procedure (10 marks)Implement the following stored procedures. Ensure that each stored procedure is tested with appropriate sample data. Test cases should be saved in a separate test scrip

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