tag Add in library ECO201 Economics Assignment

This assignment will help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in school and professional life:
1.Collect information from appropriate primary and secondary sources.
2.Synthesize information to develop informed views.
3.Integrate your personal experience and your knowledge about local communities into your report.
4.Use concepts you learned to analyze a problem and defend your position.
5.Organize written content appropriate for a given audience.
6.Collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
7.Defend a position with evidence and rationale through group work.
1.Assess the forces that affect long-run economic development.
1.Find and interpret the forces that affect the business cycle using an AD-AS model.
2.Illustrate how monetary and fiscal policy can be used to stabilize inflation and employment.
3.Describe the interaction between the domestic economy and the rest of the world.

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