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You are employed by RB Holdings as an Assistant Construction Manager; your role is to provide Joe Lurgano the Construction Manager with a wide range of assistance. Joe has given you a set of plans for a new project that is due to start in a couple of weeks. The project is a residential single story dwelling for Mr and Mrs Brown at 1 Lake Rd Toronto NSW. He would like you to start preparing for the slabs and footings and has given you a number of tasks to do to ensure this stage of the job goes to plan and has a quality outcome. Task 1.1 Access the structural details in the plan set and the projects SMEC Testing Services Geotechnical Report to determine the following: What other Standard is used to inform the Site Investigation Report. Site Soil Classification as per site report: Other relevant standard:       Using the NCC, check the the sectional size of the external wall and internal footing details against the soil classification


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