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This is a college freshman who has to get a several page assignment by tomorrow as soon as possible. The subject that is dealt with is organic chemistry. These worksheets, unlike a single homework assignment, are worth 50 points instead of 10. Therefore, this assignment holds utmost importance to my course`s overall grade. If we were to send you the worksheets no later than an hour from now, would you be able to complete the problems by 11 am or noon today? I do not require formal typed papers. Since it is problem-solving, I am perfectly fine with handwritten work because for the multiple choice questions, I will not require any work shown and it is NOT that we require very specific work shown for the subjective questions anyway;we know the basic concepts; it is just that my skills are not yet sufficient enough to work on this large assignment on my own. Therefore, I will not require any tutoring as well. Yet, for the work shown, the handwriting must be readable. Will this be possible? All I want is the problems solved. The problems are included in the pdf file we named ‘Chico’.

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