Strategies and Tactics

Part 1: Create two strategies for your campaign, and propose three tactics for each strategy.

Strategies: Sample strategies might be “a media relations strategy using paid traditional media,” or “a community outreach strategy using opinion leaders in the community,” or “a government relations strategy using grassroots mobilization,” and so forth.  Please provide short (1 para, max) explanation for each strategy.This section should include key messages and/or a description of a campaign theme.

Tactics:  Identify tactics for each strategy.  This can be a bulleted list.  Identify topic or theme for each tactic.  For example, instead of just “News Release” say “News Release to announce 50th Anniversary Celebration event.”

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Part 2: Create two separate sample tactics (for example, a news release and a PSA package), one for each strategy.  These should be complete and as ready-to-use as possible.  Both tactics should be listed in Part 1.  Please see this week’s Strategies and Tactics content for a list of tactics to choose from. These should be complete and as ready-to-use as possible, including formatting.

Please submit as a Word Doc or PDF (for fliers, etc.)

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