social media information literacy assignment

explain what the presenter/resource conveyed, summarizing the
main points made, as well as (most importantly) any assumptions made as well. This research
and rich description of the source is worth 10% of your assignment mark.
The second half of the assignment involves you now returning to the scientific literature to
identify research that speaks to the topic that you found in the popular media. Your research job
now is to identify what are the key “facts” that have been identified in the research literature
and by whom. This will necessarily involve a lot more skimming and scanning of various sources
(another important skill as a researcher). You will then summarize what you learn from these
sources with appropriate APA citations. Finally, you will discuss to what extent the popular
source “got it right.” Was the popular source accurate in its portrayal of the topic? If not, what
was incorrect and how damaging, if at all, is this for the intended audience in terms of
understanding the scientific research to date?

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