Social Justice Project Paper

The Social Justice Project Paper will involve trend analysis, fact-finding policy analysis for practitioner evidence-based decision-making, and a triangulation of criminal justice, social justice, and responsible stewardship. The paper must be a minimum of 3,800 words in length, but must not exceed 4,500 words.
The paper requires a minimum of 5 different non-worldwide web internet references. The paper must be typewritten, double-spaced, standard margins, and follow the APA style and format. The paper will be submitted through No previously submitted papers, articles, reports or projects, in whole or part, to any university or college will be accepted. It is expected that this will be your original work. No more than 15% of your entire document can be quoted. The Social Justice Project Paper is 25% of your overall grade for this course.
Additional detailed instructions and requirements as well as the grading criteria for the project may be found at the Social Justice Project Guidelines link on the Course Home Menu.

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