Social Determinants

Part A. 300 words with 1 reference each

1. Increased demand for health care services leads to an increasing need for health care organizations to be cost-efficient. What are the factors that impact an organization’s financial viability?

2. Discuss how the individual demand for health care differs from the aggregate demand for health care. Provide at least one example.

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Part B.  1,000 words and 3 peer-reviewed scholarly resources

The purpose of this assignment is to discover how social determinants affect the health of a particular population. The first step of this assignment is to choose a location and disease process:

Topic:  A children’s clinic in McAllen, TX; obesity, diabetes management

1. Describe the setting of your facility.

2. Describe the chosen population.

3. Explain how social determinants affect the population’s health status.

4. Analyze how this health status affects the demand for health care.

5. Provide one or two ways this health issue can be addressed.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

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