In Chapter 3 of your textbook, you read about how the human service professionals’ attitudes and behaviors might influence the helping process. Oftentimes, the human service professional encounters conflict in the helping process when working with diverse clients. Therefore, it is imperative that professionals pay attention to how they address those conflicts so that they can address the challenges that may influence working with clients. Understanding your values involves continuous self-assessment.

The chapter also explored the role of values in the helping process. Exploration of major stages in life span as they pertain to developmental issues is an important step in one’s self-assessment. Increased self-awareness will encourage you to understand the possible impact that your values may pose on your client. In your professional career there might be situations where you, the human service professional, will not have the same values as your client; however, this does not prevent you from working with the client.

Please respond to the following:

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  • How might you as a human service professional work to be accepting of clients with different beliefs and values than your own?
  • Discuss one of your personal values that may pose as a difficulty when working with clients.
  • Discuss how your development of self-awareness, advocacy, and conflict resolution skills will help clients.

Please remember to cite your work using APA format when referencing from the text or outside resources.

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