Self-Assessment Part 4 Deliverable: Reflection Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to compile the evaluation of your results from the CQ and CC assessments, reflect on how you believe your upbringing and life experiences have shaped your cultural preferences and skills, and build an action plan to improve your cultural intelligence in both the short and long term.

Components of Your Self-Assessment Reflection Paper
Compose a 3-5 page self-reflection paper that examines the results of your CQ and CC assessments, looks deeply into your own life for clues about life experiences that may have influenced your results, and develops an action plan for improving your CQ over the next several months.

Papers are expected to show a depth of self-reflection that indicates you have taken the time to consider whether or not the assessment results are, in fact, an accurate representation of yourself. In addition, you should show a willingness to acknowledge both strengths and areas for improvement and should support your points with information from the readings as well as (and perhaps more importantly) from your own personal experiences.

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Bring together all your answers, notes, and thoughts from the previous parts of the self-assessment reflection paper activity.
Review results from CQ assessment
Complete pages 9, 10, and 11 in CQ Report to help prepare you to write your paper
Review results from CC assessment
Use your CC scores to do the following:
Describe your Self CC scores in your own words
Do you find anything surprising about your Self CC scores compared to your country of origin scores? (Be sure to identify in your paper the country of origin and country of comparison that you chose).
Reflect on your own life experiences—the culture in which you were raised, the way you were raised, traveling you may have done, moves to a different city or country, work or school experiences with others who were different from you, etc.
Compare your life experiences with your results on the CC and CQ assessments. Can you see the roots of your assessment results in any of your life experiences? Do you think your scores would have been different if you’d taken the assessments 5 years ago? 10 years ago? What if you took the assessment five years in the future? Do you think your results would have changed?
Personal Development Plan: Use page 12 of your CQ report to help you shape your Personal Development Plan. Be sure to address the following questions in your Personal Development Plan :
What does your report say is your area of greatest strength and your area for improvement? Do you agree?
Which of these (strength or area for improvement) would be most relevant to an international HR role and why?
Develop an action plan with 3-month and 6-month increments that describes how you plan to build on your strengths and further develop those areas in which you scored lower to better prepare you to function effectively in any global role.
Using your CC report, identify which role you chose (subordinate, colleague, etc.) as well as which country you selected for comparison. Address the following questions:
What dimension might be the most challenging for you to deal with in your chosen comparison country?
How can this knowledge of your own preferences on Hofstede’s dimensions help you in an international HR role?
It is not necessary to research any outside sources, but be sure to properly cite any sources you do use. DO NOT cite your own reports—you can just discuss them. Use APA style for the paper (Title page, Abstract, References, Times Roman font, 12 pt type, double spaced, proper citations, etc.). The 3-5 page specification is for the body of your paper. Title page, abstract, and references are in addition to the 3-5 pages.

Naming Convention: Please name your files “Lastname-CQCC”

Submit your papers as Word documents (.doc or .docx) only (no pdfs).


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