Segmentation of the market for the Canadian automobile industry

Perform a segmentation of the market for the Canadian automobile industry. Use Chapter 9 as your reference and identify what dimensions you are using. Identify different segments based on the dimensions you have chosen until you have a comprehensive segmentation analysis completed.

For some insight visit the following websites:

The Canadian Automotive Industry on the Industry Canada website:
DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. :
Note that there are no hard and fast rules for the number of segments in any given analysis; the range for this exercise could be from four to seven. Remember that segments are composed of people, whereas industry reports often take a product-based approach.

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In terms of assessing consumer buying behaviour, apply your own buying experiences, or that of parents or friends. For added insight, you may look ahead to Chapter 5. How would you expect consumers to buy?

In terms of quantitative data, you may have to go to a variety of sources, but certainly consider the websites of companies that you know are serving the research needs of the automobile market; you may even want to contact them to obtain information. Statistics Canada has a great deal of demographic data, and if you have a locally operated Business Centre in your neighbourhood, they can supply useful data too

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