SCME2201 phone game -Evaluation Proforma

Animal Saver is a HTML game whereby the user is required to catch the falling animals for points. Originally, the game was called ‘My Catcher Game’ and asked the user to catch falling blocks for points. From there, the game progressed through stages with the addition of better touch controls and functionality, a theme, added complexity, difficulty and music. The game is designed to be played on a Samsung Galaxy s5 smart touch screen phone that has a HD 1920x1080p display, a 2.5 GHz Quad-core processor and a pixel density of 360×640 px. The game is played on the phones non-native browser Mozilla Firefox for Android. All versions of the game can be sourced at the following links;


  • Version 0.1 (Original):
  • Version 1.0:
  • Version 2.0:
  • Version 2.1 (Final):


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