We have been studying [    ] in class. Before I started this investigation

[Describe what you did] My goal for this investigation was to figure out [your goal]. The guiding question was [guiding question].


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To gather the data I needed to answer this question, I [describe what you did to collect data]. I decided that this was the best way to carry out the investigation because [give some reasons]. I then analyzed the data I collected by [describe what you did to analyze the data]. I decided that this was the best way to analyze these data because [give some reasons].


I figured out [your claim]. The [graph ,table or images] below shows [what information is included in the graph, table or images].

[Insert graph , table or images] here. To insert a graph or table click on “insert” in the toolbar.  The choose “chart” for a graph or “table” for a table to add a editable graph or table to this document]

This analysis indicates [explain what trend, difference, or relationships the graph or table shows in words]. This evidence is important because [explain why the evidence matters]

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