Safeguarding: 5 Effective Strategies

Safeguarding: 5 Effective Strategies
In the UK – this concept – refers to the actions that are taken by the state to work towards the promotion of the welfare of children. Safeguarding aims to protect children from instances of abuse and maltreatment and prevents harm to the health of children. It also takes strategic action to ensure that children enjoy the best outcomes. A substantial number of children experience maltreatment at various stages of life. This maltreatment can happen either at home, in schools, or the wider community.

How to Safeguard Children
The fact that both adults and peers can be the perpetrators of child maltreatment makes it an endeavor that requires multiagency cooperation. This is because the lives of children usually encompass different aspects. As such, working together towards the protection of children is essential, if not imperative.

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