RSA Algorithm Technique in Asymmetry Encryption

This paper is about Asymmetric Encryption specifically the RSA Algorithm. Even though this is a computer science topic, the paper is for a math class so the main focus of the paper is the math involved in Asymmetric Encryption with main emphasis in the RSA Algorithm.

·      The paper should be 10-15 pages, double-spaced in 12 pt. font with one-inch margins.
·      The paper should be written for an audience of your peers, i.e. for senior mathematics majors.
·      There should be an introduction that informs the reader of where the paper will take them and a conclusion that summarizes the work.
·      You should make clear what your own contribution to the topic is.  That is, show how you relate or apply the material to an area of interest to you.
·      Presentation and organization are major concerns.
·      Style, grammar, and spelling are important and will be included in your grade.
·      References must be cited within the paper.
·      You should include complete bibliographic information, with several sources.

I included the 1st draft that is 6 pages. This is the feedback I received from my professor:

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What you have so far makes sense, but I hoped to see more of the mathematics. Why are prime numbers used, and how? What does number theory have to do with the algorithm? I was also not clear on the difference between the public key and the private key. You call them “mathematically structured”; in what sense? You need to say a lot more about the mathematics behind the algorithm.

So the additional 5 pages need to be about the mathematics behind the algorithm.