Rhetorical Analysis

Purpose: A Rhetorical Analysis is a detailed examination of how persuasive a piece of writing is (or isn’t) and why. It is an essay that focuses on the choices an author has made in trying to persuade and/or appeal to his/her audience.

In order to do its job, a Rhetorical Analysis must:

• Give your opinion about the choices the author made in writing the text NOT about the topic of the text.(Ethos ,Pathos ,Logos)

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• Give sufficient background on the primary text’s message so that readers can follow the analysis of the text (summarize main points).

• Use 2 direct quotations and paraphrases per paragraph from the primary text to illustrate and support your claims about the text’s rhetoric.

Instructions: Write a 2-3 page analysis about the article: “The Role of the Corporation in Supporting Local Development” (Sourcework, pp. 167-169).

Step 1: Analyze the article for rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos).

• Ethos: Appeals to the character and expertise of the writer or speaker
• Logos: Appeals based on logic, reasoning, and evidence concerning the subject
• Pathos: Appeals to the beliefs and values of the audience

Step 2: In your essay, demonstrate how the author utilizes the three elements of the rhetorical appeals. Use the following outline to help write your paper.

Introduction (3-6 sentences)

• Include the author, title, year, and topic in the first sentence.
• Include a one to two sentence summary.
• Include a thesis statement that gives an overview of the body paragraph(s).

Body (3-5 paragraphs)
• Develop body paragraphs to follow the structure of your thesis statement.
• Include examples, paraphrases, and quotations from the text.
• Do not forget topic sentences and transition words.

Conclusion (2-3 sentences)

• Restate your thesis and main points. Add an ending comment (See Sourcework, pp. 104-105).

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