Research Journal Article Review

Search and select a scholarly research article that meets the following criteria:
•    Published in a scholarly criminal justice or criminology journal. (An exhaustive list can be accessed from the American Society of Criminology.)
•    An area of criminal justice or criminology that is of interest to you.
•    Article permits you to answer all of the assignment questions posed below.

Upon identifying an article that meets all of the above, read the entire article and prepare a response answering the following questions:
•    Provide complete citation using APA style including author(s) name, publication title, journal name and year.
•    Identify the type of study conducted and explain why you classified it in this manner.
•    Is the research based on qualitative, quantitative methods – or both? Explain.
Prepare notes for the following questions, which will be discussed in class.
•    Identify and explain an ethical consequence stemming from one of the study’s results.
•    Identify and explain an implication of the research findings on either a public policy or professional practice.
•    What did you learn about criminal justice research as a result of this analysis?

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