You have been charged with organising a fundraising event for the school which your kid brother attends. They are trying to raise enough cash to take all 100 children to a pantomime at the Theater in Manchester, next Christmas.

You have been given 100 leather footballs to use in this task, at the reduced rate of £4 each which you must repay from your earnings.

Develop an idea using the footballs, which  will raise the most money for the school, your period of operation is July 2nd to August 20th 2015.

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Provide a report which includes the following sections:

  1. Objective
  2. Creative ideas for fundraising
  3. Promotional methods and costs
  4. A Gantt chart showing activities (weekly)
  5. A sales & revenue & profit forecast
  6. Projected costs
  7. Projected donation to school
  8. Roles and responsibilities of individuals involved

Assessment Criteria:

Marks will be awarded based on completeness, your creative ideas, your accurate recording of financial data, and your attention to detail and report-style presentation.

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