Public Administration Politics

Please read the following case study and answer the two questions presented, in a 4-6 page narrative.

Bearfield, D. A. (2005). Starting a new job. In K. Callahan, D. Olshfski, & E. Schwella (Eds.) Global Public Management: Cases and Comments. (163-164) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Inc.

A.  Linda’s appointment represents a transition that many public leaders and managers will experience during their careers. This experience is also similar to the process of initiating new organizational policies and procedures. If you were in her position, how would you initiate change or challenge your subordinates to change? Obviously, some amount of trust and rapport would need to be developed. The course mentions that the Linda’s technical skills are weak, although this is the area that her staff should be strong with. Is this a situation where strong delegation skills can benefit the organization while also empowering her subordinates? Or is there a better approach?

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