PUBH 5150 Economics

You will use one of the following methods to complete your project; methods include: Cost-of-illness analysis: a determination of the economic impact of an illness or condition (typically on a given population, region, or country) e.g., of smoking, arthritis, or diabetes, including associated treatment costs Cost-minimization analysis: a determination of the least costly among alternative interventions that are assumed to produce equivalent outcomes Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA): a comparison of costs in monetary units with outcomes in quantitative non-monetary units, e.g., reduced mortality or morbidity Cost-utility analysis (CUA): a form of cost-effectiveness analysis that compares costs in monetary units with outcomes in terms of their utility, usually to the patient, measured, e.g., in QALYs Cost-consequence analysis: a form of cost-effectiveness analysis that presents costs and outcomes in discrete categories, without aggregating or weighting them Cost-benefit analysis (CBA): compares costs and benefits, both of which are quantified in common monetary units. Budget-impact analysis (BIA): determines the impact of implementing or adopting a particular technology or technology-related policy on a designated budget, e.g., of a drug formulary or health plan. There is a lot of flexibility with the topic that you choose for your analysis. Please consider something that you are passionate about.  Scan the local healthcare environment, which services do you feel are “needed” or a “wanted” in your local community? Is there an opportunity for funding? Budgetary details can be estimated through literature review or .gov state information sites. Your project should include a data visualization technique (graphs, charts, etc) representing your analysis


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