Project Part 3

1.  Analysis (include at least 3.1 and 3.2 sub-sections)

3.1  Advantages of the information system (e.g., values added to the organization, cost, efficiency, reliability, ease of use, “talks to” other information systems, etc.)

3.2  Limitations and risks of the information system

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3.3  Any other analysis you would like to conduct regarding the information system

This assignment will continue the development of your Information System Analysis and Recommendation Project. In Stage 3, complete the Analysis Section. See what this section should include in the above outline.

You may analyze the system based on the information gained from the interview(s), the literatures, and your own knowledge of the system. Support your points with detailed evidence and research. More literatures from reliable resources will be helpful for the analysis.

This assignment will be evaluated using the following rubric.


The student analyzes the system’s advantages, limitations, risks (and any other aspects) in a comprehensive and in-depth manner with sufficient details from multiple perspectives. All points are relevant, logical and well supported by evidence and research.

The student presents a submission that models standards used in scholarly literature. The submission is free of all spelling, grammar and APA format errors. All references/ interviews are appropriately cited in direct and indirect manners. The writing is exceptional and extremely well organized with the usage of headings and transitions.

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