Project Management

Project Charter and Project Organization Chart for Retrofitting apartment building with new fire suppression system. Cost $15M. Duration: 4 Months.

Project Plan Deliverables

  1. Project Charter (Must use MS-Word or MS-PowerPoint)
    • The project charter provides an overview of the project purpose and objectives (scope, cost, schedule)
    • Project charters are an agreement between the client and the project manager as to what needs to be done, when, and how much it will cost.
    • Project charters come in many forms, however, for this class I have provided the template that you must use.
  2. Project Organizational Chart (Must use Visio or MS-PowerPoint)
    • The project organization chart shows pictorially what roles are needed for the project and the reporting hierarchy
    • Project organization charts differ from company organization charts. Company organization charts focus on formal position people hold within a company (i.e. Director of Marketing) rather than temporary roles people play on projects (i.e. Testing team leader, Project Manager, Construction Laborer, Quality Inspector, etc…)
    • Project organization charts are a useful tool for team members to see where they fit into the big picture

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