Project 2: Requirements

The heart of this course is a project, in which you will design, implement, and evaluate a user interface. User interface design is an iterative process, so you will build your UI not just once, but three times, as successively higher-fidelity and more complete prototypes.

This project is the first step in the user interface design process.  By the end of Project 2 you will have completed the user research, created user personas, developed wireframes. In Project 3, you will develop a working prototype. In Project 4, you will revisit heuristic analysis and usability testing on the user interface and experience you designed.

Focus for this project is on user research and wireframes – understanding who the users are, what are they trying to accomplish, how can your interface design support and delight them. We review several approaches to structuring, performing, and documenting user research, including a special focus on personas of different types and on use cases. This project provides a walk-through planning and analysis stages for UX/UI projects: why the planning matters and methods that can be used.

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You may choose to design a user interface for any industry. The type of user interface you create is also your choice (i.e. SmartTV, AR, VR, smartphone, app, website). If you need some ideas to get you started, browse these concepts:

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