select a social movement that you would like to profile. Pro-life and Pro-choice movement.
1. A detailed description of the social movement’s goals and tactics.
2. A detailed description of the research that you engaged in to learn about the movement.
3. What type of social movement is this (e.g. Alterative, Reformative etc.)? Justify your response.
4. Is this social movement bureaucratic in any way? Why or why not? How so?
5. Did you encounter any examples of group conformity or groupthink?
6. Is this social movement in any way a response to modernity?
7. Which major theorist of modernity do you think would be most likely to join this social movement? Why?
8. What should movement organizers do next to increase their movement’s effectiveness? Why?

1. Your profile must be well-written meaning it must utilize full sentences with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
2. Your profile should be thorough, addressing all of the components detailed above
3. Your profile should demonstrate that you actively and thoroughly researched the social movement that you have profiled.
4. Any sources that you utilize must be properly cited
5. Your profile should be attached as a PDF file
6. Your profile should be at least 1000 words
7. Your profile should be demonstrate that you have a through understanding of the sociological approach to understanding groups, organizations, and social change

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