Professional Development

This is the same class you have been doing. Go through the instructions and work on it thoroughly.

Now it’s time to assemble your assignments into a professional campaign proposal to share with your client (and in your portfolio)!


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  • A cover page.  This should include your name, the client org name, and the name/theme of the campaign.  This should not include my name or the class number.
  • A client letter.  Thank them for the opportunity to create this campaign (feel free to use this exact wording to open your letter!).  Introduce the campaign and provide a brief overview of key points and highlights.  If you would like, you can create a name for your “agency.”  🙂
  • A 1-2 paragraph short introduction to the campaign.
  • All of your assignments, assembled into one document.  Revise each assignment according to feedback, and any other changes you might want to make.
  • Include your sample tactics. If you have decided to change a tactic, that’s great!  Just make sure it adds value and is consistent with the rest of your plan.
  • Make sure each section is labeled. 
  • Format and organization is very important.  Create a professional looking document.  You are welcome to use a different style of font for section headers, and other graphic elements (e.g. letterhead, visual elements, etc.) to enhance the look of your proposal, but always aim for a polished and uncluttered overall design.
  • Please use 12 pt type (Times New Roman is best, but Arial works, too.).  It is up to you if you would like to use double or single spacing.  As you have seen, some sections will be bullet point lists and others will be narrative in paragraph format.

Overall, create a professional document that demonstrates your best work–something you’d be proud to hand to the client and include in your professional portfolio.  

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