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Discuss organizational change and how leaders can accomplish double-loop learning in their organizations. Provide a biblical example of double-loop learning. How does being intellectually conscious of your own worldview help you understand the worldview of others? What impact does this have on organizations?

a bible verse must be referenced
Argyris, Chris. 1997. Initiating change that perseveres. (Initiating Change: Theory and Practice). American Behavioral Scientist 40, no. 3 (Jan): 299-310. (12 pages) Link to Argyris_Article.pdf Argyris_Article.pdf – Alternative Formats
Sire (2009). The universe next door. (Chapters 5-6)
Daft (2016). Organization Theory and Design (Chapters 9, 10, 11)
Double-loop Learning in Higher Education: (Double-Loop Learning and the Bible).

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