Pol Econ of Immigration


Please answer the 5 following questions. Each answer must not exceed 500 words (Canvas should count your words or you can type your answers in word and copy and paste). If you are using sources in addition to the books, you must hyperlink those sources. Please note the sources must be authoritative, that is, they must come from academics (such as the ones I list in the notes), from public policy centers such as Cato Institute (Links to an external site.), Pew Research Center (Links to an external site.), Migration Policy Institute (Links to an external site.), or Urban Institute (Links to an external site.), or from organizations involved in surveys such as Gallup

1. Summarize the empirics of educational assimilation in the United States.

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2. Discuss the literature on trust and how immigration might affect generalized trust in receiving countries. Discuss the two reasons why immigration might harm generalized trust in receiving countries. What does the empirical literature find about the link between immigration and generalized trust? What might be the main problem with this literature and its findings?

3. Discuss Borjas’s (and Collier’s) new case of immigration restrictions? Explain Borjas’s reasoning (model) as to why benefits of lowering immigration restrictions might be exaggerated. What do empirical studies have shown so far with regard to Borjas’s concerns?

4. All things considered, why are immigrants more Democratic than natives? In answering your question, also explain to what extent immigrants might not vote more for Democrats than natives as much as people who fear the negative political externalities of immigration argue they do. Feel free to use an example or sources to support your arguments.

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