Philosophy final exam

Below you will find 7 essay questions. Answer each one in 1 page. It’s a final exam questions, so there is no need to mention sources and references. and please do not copy paste from the web.

PHIL 1101 Final Exam Study Questions Set 2

1. What is hard determinism? Why does John Stuart Mill believe that even if hard determinism is true, we can still have free will?
2. Explain what Harry Frankfurt means by first-order desires, second-order desires, and second-order volitions. Explain why Frankfurt believes that one needs to have second-order volitions in order to have free will. How would this show that the unwilling drug addict has freewill in a way that the indifferent or willing drug addict does not?
3. What is the Argument by Analogy for Other Minds (AA)? What is an A-type objection to AA? How is the example of helium on the sun supposed to be a reply to A-type objections? Is this a good reply to A-type objections? Explain why or why not.
4. Consider the example of the woman who is going out with a man for the first time in Sartre’s passage on bad faith (this reading is posted on Moodle from October 26th – November 1st).What attitude is the woman adopting towards the man’s actions? What attitude is she adopting towards the man’s desires? In what way do these attitudes cause her to be in bad faith?
5. Explain why R.G. Collingwood thinks that a work of art cannot be a physical object. If the original Mona Lisa were to be stolen from the Louvre in Paris, art lovers would be very upset. Since the original Mona Lisa is a physical object, would this fact show Collingwood’s view to be wrong? Explain why or why not.
6. If a forged art work gives the viewer the same aesthetic experience as the original work, why does Dennis Dutton claim that we nevertheless have good reason to insist that the forgery does not have the same artistic value as the original? Explain his argument.
7. How do I first become aware of the presence of the Other in my environment, according to Jean-Paul Sartre? What happens to my universe when I become aware of the Other? How does being looked at by the Other change the nature of my freedom?

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