Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

You are conducting a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on an abandoned gas station. A Phase I ESA was performed, and the following areas of concern were noted:

One potentially leaking underground storage tank (UST) is noted: The bottom of the UST is at six feet below the surface.

A former machine shop is across the street: An active remediation for various solvents and petroleum products is ongoing. An environmental records agency search showed that groundwater flow direction appears to go across Knights Road (see map). Additionally, the groundwater monitoring wells at the machine shop site indicate an approximate groundwater level of 6.5 feet.

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You note a drain within the building that had stains around it and a suspicious odor emanating from it: The building is old, and leaking drain pipes are a possibility.

Using the map (click here) and Excel file (click here), put together your sampling and analysis plan. In a separate Word document, explain your reasoning for each soil/water/air sample you list. Be sure to provide a reason for the media, location, depth, and analyses for each sample you propose. Your client’s budget is limited, and the client will want to know that each sample is serving an important purpose. If you are not sure of the exact depth, you can also indicate whether the sample should be below the water table or above it. See page 114 of your textbook for a list of contaminants associated with common businesses and page 115 of your textbook for an example of a sampling and analysis plan (SAP). Submit both the Excel file and your Word document. Your sampling and analysis plan should consist of at least three pages, and any citations and references used should be in APA style. 3 references

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