Persuasive Speech 2, 12-14 minutes

The final speech for the course, you should demonstrate a command of the techniques learned during the term.  Present an appeal to the class that will alter (or attempt to alter) a current behavior or belief.  You will need to argue the opposite side of the issue from your first persuasive.   Audience reactions will play a part in the grading for this assignment, with audience evaluations being distributed to the class.  Your organization, delivery, audience analysis, and supporting materials are all extremely important in this speech.

An outline and minimum of four additional citations are required.  You should be able to reference (8) sources in this speech.

Use MLA style

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Sprague, Jo, Douglas Stuart and David Bodary.  The Speaker’s Compact Handbook. 5th Edition.  Boston:  Cengage, Wadsworth, 2016. ISBN:  978-1-305-28028-1.

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