: persuasive essay

Research Paper Guidelines

1. Body length 3-5 pgs. This is not including the Works Cited page. Only the body itself.     

2. It must be in accordance with MLA guidelines.  Recent updates available online through MLA website,  or TLCC.

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3.  No title page is required. Use MLA format for your heading on the first page.

4. A Works Cited page is required with minimum 5 references. Three references must come from Polk State databases. Wikipedia is not allowed as a reference.

5. Format is typed, font 12, Times New Roman, double spaced.

6. Research paper must include a Works Cited page, or a “F” is given.

7. At least 3 sources  must come from the Polk State databases. Databases do not consist of books. You never have to physically go to the library; everything can be accessed through www.POLK.EDULinks to an external site.

8. Have approximately 2 paraphrases per page. You may use in text citation  or give credit in the paper. Ex.  According to Time Nov. 5, 2017 the article entitled “Here” states, “No, this can’t be.”

9. The thesis statement is the last sentence in the first paragraph.

10. Use formal language –no first person “I” or second  person “you or your”.

11. A research paper is 80% your words – 20% your sources.

12. It is better to turn in a poorly written paper, than a plagiarized paper.                                               

13. The topic of the paper is your choice.  Choose something that you have a personal interest in and that you will enjoy learning more about. It may NOT be argumentative.  This research paper is written to inform.  No opinions are in a research paper. Present the facts, stay neutral, and unbiased in a research paper.

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