MLA style

Read the following from the Second Norton Critical Edition of Othello

  1. Samuel Johnson, “From Notes on Othello” – pp. 243-246
  2. Samuel Taylor Colleridge,  “On Iago,” “On Othello,” “On Desdemona”  – pp. 256-259
  3. A.C. Bradley, Remarks from Lecture V – pp. 261-265

View Othello

View the 1995 version of Othello starring Kenneth Branagh, Lawrence Fishburne, and Irene Jacobs. (This movie is available to watch instantly through Amazon rental with the link provided below.)

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This is the version of Othello I prefer. However, it is rated R for some minimal sexual content and violence. If you do not feel that you can watch this move, I am also providing you with an alternate version of the play. Links to both versions are presented below.



Othello, the Movie

After you have viewed the film, write a Reading Reaction paper about how the characters in the movie either did or did not meet your expectations with the characters you imagined as you were reading the play. Also tell what differences you noted in the movie version and Shakespeare’s script. Then finally express your overall opinion of the movie. 

Be sure to note in your journal which version of Othello you chose to view.

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