Organizational Shifts Brochures Project

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Research the coaching cycle process and the skills that a change agent needs to be successful in leading others.

Create a one-page resource document or infographic that depicts the coaching cycle and the strategies required for implementation.

Include details about how coaches can refocus organizational objectives to remove barriers.

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Include a reference page of sources used, formatted according to APA guidelines.

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AET 560 Week 4 Individual Assignment Organizational Shifts Brochures

Conduct an Internet search for two different companies that have undergone a rebranding, redesign, or a corporate-wide change to how the organization conducts business.

Create two 2-panel informational brochures, one for each company, that include the following:

Reason(s) for change

Photo or icon of the company with explanation of change

Effect on global presence

Effect on economic trends

Effect on market presence

Effect on employees

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